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265 Watt Grid-Tied Lead Unit – Ground Mount

$799.00 $769.00

Grid-connected solar electric unit that produces clean power for your home and reduces your electricity bill.  The GT Lead unit comes 99% pre-assembled and sets up in minutes.  You just need a dedicated outdoor outlet and a good shade-free spot in the sun.


This Grid-Tied(GT) Lead unit (previously known as Stealth) comes 99% pre-assembled, and sets up in minutes.  Check out this video to see how easy it is to set up.  You won’t find another kit on the market that includes the same high-quality components.  We use this same equipment every day in our local rooftop installations.

 The unit includes:
  • 265 Watt Canadian Solar CS6P-265P solar panel
  • 250 Watt Enphase Energy M250 microinverter
  • Powder-coated steel frame for deck/yard mounting
  • 240Vac to 120Vac transformer
  • Wireless energy production monitor
  • Pre-wired – includes a 25′ power cord for plugging into a standard 120Vac outlet.

The included 25′ cord plugs into any standard 120Vac household outlet.  The wireless production monitor measures real-time power production and provides daily, weekly, and monthly energy production history.  It also keeps track of cost savings and CO2 offset.

Each unit produces approximately 1 kWh per day in most areas of the southwest, but this depends on the location and amount of shading.   This amount of electricity is enough to offset the usage of a basic energy star refrigerator.

A powder-coated steel mounting frame is included for ground, deck or flat-roof mounting.  A set of wrenches is all you need to set it up.  (Click here if you want a Grid-Tied Roof mount system.)

The GT system is expandable with additional GT Add-On units.  These units are exactly like the GT Lead unit except that they do not include a monitor.   These units easily plug into the GT Lead unit like Christmas lights and the Lead unit’s monitor measures the combined output.  Up to 5 Add-On units can be connected to the Lead Unit on one dedicated circuit/outlet.

Check out the set up video here to see how easy it is to set up!
$99 shipping within the continental US.