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265 Watt Grid-Tied Lead Unit – Roof-Mount

$699.00 $669.00

Roof-mountable Grid-tied Plug & Play Solar Kit. Install a portable electric generating station on your roof in minutes!


This solar electric generating appliance comes 99% pre-assembled, and sets up in minutes.  This video shows you how to set it up.

The kit includes:

  • 265 Watt Canadian Solar CS6P-265P solar panel
  • 250 Watt Enphase Energy M250 microinverter
  • Powder-coated steel frame for roof mounting
  • 240Vac to 120Vac transformer
  • Wireless energy production monitor
  • Pre-wired – includes a 25′ power cord for plugging into a standard outlet.

The cord plugs into any standard 120V household outlet. The wireless production monitor measures real-time power production and provides daily, weekly, and monthly energy production history. It also keeps track of cost savings and CO2 offset.

The Units produce approximately 1 kWh per day in most areas in the southwest, but this depends on the location and amount of shading. This amount of electricity is enough to offset the usage of a basic energy star refrigerator.

The Solar Panel is mounted on an aluminum frame that allows for roof mounting.  The Kit contains instructions on how to mount the unit on your roof.  You will just need access to a regular 120V outlet. The panel mounts parallel to the roof,  ~6” offset from the roof.  Can be used on most composite shingle or metal roofs.

Includes four stainless steel Z-bracket feet with mastic and screws with neoprene sealing washers for a worry-free waterproof installation.

$99 continental US shipping