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Need some assistance? Give us a call at 1(800)347-2291 or email
5 Reasons To Go Solar In Arizona

5 Reasons To Go Solar In Arizona

1. Tax credits can reduce the cost  by as much as 40%.

Arizona residents and businesses can benefit from both Federal and State financial incentives:

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 provides a 30% federal tax credit for solar electric systems installed on homes and businesses through December 31, 2019.

Additionally, if you go solar in Arizona, you will receive a state tax credit. Individuals will receive a tax credit for 25% of the system cost up to $1,000.00. While Arizona businesses will receive 10% of the system cost up to $25,000 for any one building in the same year and $50,000 in total credits in any year.

Click here for more information about available tax credits to go solar in Arizona.

2. Solar power is a renewable resource.

Solar power is 100% renewable, so it replenishes naturally. You can rest assured, your electricity consumption won’t contribute to resource scarcity for your children and grandchildren.

3. Solar electricity is clean energy.

Solar electricity systems produce no greenhouse gas emissions. Which means, they do not pollute the atmosphere when used. You can help combat global warming one house and business at a time by installing one.

4. Diversify your investment portfolio.

With a wise, low-risk investment in solar electricity that pays better than CDs and is safer than the stock market. If you’d like a detailed example on how solar payback works, click here to download one.

5. Solar Power increases your (and the country’s) energy independence.

Solar electricity is produced locally and so it reduces the need for new transmission infrastructure, huge mining operations, nuclear waste storage and fossil fuel resources from abroad.

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