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Battery Based Plug & Play Solar Kits

Battery Based Plug & Play Solar Kits

Plug and Play Solar Kits will soon offer a battery-based product homeowners can keep on hand to run small appliances and charge cell phones in the case of a power outage.

We thought you may enjoy this radio interview that aired on KNAU, our local NPR station. Listen to the stream or read the transcript.


We created the Plug and Play Stealth 2.0 in 2012, now called a GT Unit. It was the first solar product of its kind to combine interactive features and simplicity of use. Each unit arrives fully assembled and only needs to be plugged into a dedicated outdoor outlet in order to start producing solar power!  The unit’s utility-interactive inverter simply syncs with the utility’s electricity grid and reduces the amount of  power you need to purchase from the utility.  Renters and owners alike can now go solar and easily take it with them when they leave.  Whether you live in a house, apartment, condominium, or even off-grid, it doesn’t matter.  Avoid the hassles and go solar without the permanent installation.

In other words, Plug and Play Solar Kits has eliminated all the difficult, frustrating and confusing aspects of home solar!  The system is extremely easy to install and there’s no need for professional installation or to hire an electrician.

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