What Type of Solar System is Right For Me?

Have you ever been curious about what type of solar system is right for you, to use in your home or business? We have compiled a list to help you find a viable solar power solution.

What type of solar system is right for me?


If you pay an electric bill and own your own home or business, you are on the grid. Grid-tied system works with your electricity company and is the least evasive, because it works with your existing electrical wiring. Going solar with the Grid-Tied system will allow you to produce clean electricity and help to lower your utility bill, but still have alternative power during evenings and overcast days. Read information about our residential solar installations or business solar installations in northern Arizona. Or to learn more browse our articles about grid-tied solar.


Living off a generator or just wanting to provide your own source of electricity, then you want off the grid. Recent advancements in solar technology have made it affordable to make your own reliable electricity and live off-grid. Living off-grid still allows you the same amenities and convenience of all of your favorite appliances and lighting. By cutting the cord to the power company, you have the freedom to build and live where ever you choose. Read information about our off-grid solar installations in northern Arizona or to learn more browse our articles about off-grid solar.


Batteries are a critical to off-grid solar installations and battery-backup systems. If you are on the grid and you want to be protected from electrical blackouts, battery backups provide you with uninterrupted service. Generators require and are limited to fuel on hand and can be noisy. Battery-backups charge during the sunny days via solar panels, allowing for a more environmentally friendly alternative to generators. Read more about batteries for solar power.


If you are on the grid and want a small amount of solar power due to budget, space restrictions, or if you are a renter then you want the plug and play. This is the simplest equipment you will ever install. Find a flat surface, aim it at the sun, plug it into an outside outlet and let it play. Plug & Play is not just a clever name, it really is just that simple. Read more about our Plug and Play Solar Kits.

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