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Bring Your Own Solar Panel LEAD Solar Kit [BYOP]

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Already have a 60-cell solar panel you want to use? 

The BYOP kit connects to most 200-280 Watt, 60-cell panels that are available today.  This allows you to source your panel locally and quickly connect our BYOP kit to have you reducing your electricity bill in minutes! This kit does not contain a solar panel or a mounting system.

From Panel To Power

The unit works by taking solar power produced by the panel and converts it over to power that is the same as what any of your home electronics and appliances use. Upon delivery, all you have to do is unbox it, place it facing the sun, and plug it into a dedicated wall outlet. The outlet you use to plug into must be on its own 15 or 20 amp breaker.The DC power from the panel is converted to AC power by means of a preinstalled microinverter.  This microinverter then outputs 240V AC power which most homes have running into them. To get this power down to what your electronics and your home outlets use, the 240V power is reduced to 120V through use of a transformer. The power is now ready to feed back into your panel, subsidizing the power being used by all of your household electronics. Each kit works with only one panel. You need an additional kit for each additional panel.

Kit includes:

250 Watt Northern Electric Power BDM250 microinverter**

Pre-wired – the Lead Unit comes with a 25' cable, making it easy to place your panel anywhere

Ground wire pre-installed (lead Unit)

Wireless energy production monitor (lead unit)

Aluminum cross bar to attach to the existing frame of the module

The BYOP kit is completely pre-assembled and connects in minutes!

90% of solar panels these days come in a common configuration and size range. We made this kit to work with these common panels that meet the following requirements:

60-Cell module

Has an aluminum frame with mounting holes for installation

Roughly 65” x 39” in size

Find a great deal on a solar panel and we can have you utilizing that power in minutes!



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**These systems are converting power from DC to AC so that it can safely be plugged into a wall outlet. As a result, there is always a roughly 20% loss in production occurring in the conversion from DC to AC. In perfect conditions (tilt, weather, panel facing direction, etc.) expect them to produce at 80% of the 250W limit of the microinverter.

Eligible for 26% federal tax credit

Want to know more about how these units work? Read the FAQ.

Please read more info HERE about the safety and installation concerns with the Plug and Play system.

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