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Humless Slim 185W Flexible Panel

by Humless

Portable Panel Power

The latest and greatest in solar, the slim and flexible solar panel. This 185 watt panel is able to bend to conform to curved surfaces. The very thin panel features an sticky, adhesive backer that will hold to 150 mph winds.


Easy to Install

These 185w Flexible Solar Panels can stick just about anywhere! This super lightweight panel is perfect for anybody wanting to put their panel on the side or top of the RV roof and not have to do any of the heavy lifting a normal installation.The peel and stick makes "installation" very simple.


Weight 12 lbs

Dimensions 40" x 48" x .25"

Output Type MC4 Connector

Output 185 Watts

Cell Type Monocrystalline

Cells 40

What P&P Likes

This thing is so light! The ease of use when it comes to this panel is more than enough convincing for us to recommend it. Especially if you're looking to link it to a battery source, it pairs very well with the Inergy Kodiak we offer!