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Solar generator options for power on the go.
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The Lion Safari LT is a portable power unit with 450 watt hours of storage and 500 watts of output at a time. Charge from solar, wall outlet or 12V cigarette lighter. With the easy to read and use display, you know exactly how much power is in the unit,...
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Getting out in the back country or on the beach doesn't mean you have to completely rough it.  Take power with you with the Lion Off the Grid package.  It provides safe, silent, portable power for your cooking, communication, and entertainment needs. The Lion Safari LT is a portable power unit...
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Being away from your house doesn’t mean you have to leave your power behind. Take power with you with the Lion Remote Power Pack.It provides safe, silent, renewable, portable power for your cooking, communication, entertainment, work and emergency needs. The Lion Safari LT is a portable power unit with 450...
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7-10 day Processing Time Safari ME Heavy Duty Workhorse Professional Grade Portable Power Flexible Power Solutions Safari ME Specs Specifications Safari ME ME Expansion Weight (pounds) 45.5 44 Dimensions - inches (L x W x H) 18.7 x 12.8 x 12.8 16.7 x 9.6 x 9.8 Output - AC 2...
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Whether you're just getting into tailgating or it's an art form to you, you've got to have power.  The Lion Tailgating package gives you the power you need for the grill, TV, radio, and phones. You’ll have all the power you need to be the talk of the tailgaters.  ...
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Mother nature isn't always so kind.  Don’t get caught without power in the wake of her wrath. The Lion Disaster Relief kit/package provides power to you and your family when the dark clouds of disaster hit—it brings lights, communication, and assurance that things will get better. The package includes: 2 x Lion Safari...
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Harness the power of the sun and power your electronic devices. 100W 12 V Foldable Solar Panel. 6 foot Anderson cord connections.OUTPUTS Average output - 71W throughout the day. Maximum output - 100W Average output current - 6A @ 12V DC FEATURES Ultra high efficiency. 18%. Anti-corrosive double-walled structural housing....
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Small on size, big on power. Cub GO is the smallest portable power generator to have a full size standard wall outlet. Plug in anything from laptops and lamps to cameras and blenders. Not just strong, it's bright too. Cast off the darkness and keep going with Cub GO's ultra...
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You're on the go, living life, living your dreams. You need grab-n-go power to propel those dreams forward.  The Lion Cub GO Solo Kit is for you.  Whether you’re doing extreme sports or just a stroll through the park, we provide you power. Power for your USB devices like your phone or...
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This small, portable solar panel can charge the Lion Cub GO power unit and smaller USB devices directly. It comes with a built-in 11.8" dual USB cord and two USB outputs. At only 4.5 pounds, it's easy to grab-and-go and use it outside almost anywhere the sun is shining directly.Specs...
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The Lion Safari UT 1300 is an amazing Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, the safest battery on the market. It replaces lead acid batteries used for auxiliary power in RVs, Trailers, Motorhomes and Boats. It is light weight at only 23 lbs, comes with easy carrying handles, a rugged standard Group...
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Our 25 ft. 30A extension cords are a must with our solar panels. This 30A Anderson™ cable will ensure that you can get your solar energy back into your generator, wherever the sun is shining. You can position your solar panels wherever you need without worrying about your cord reaching....
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