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Sick of that noisy generator? Grab one of these kits and make the camping a little more peaceful.
$378.00 $477.00
Easy RV Power The 90-Watt Deluxe “L”ong Series panel in this kit is long and designed to accommodate narrow or curved rv roofs, most notably found on Airstream trailers. New Framing Our original anodized aluminum frame has received an overhaul. Say goodbye to the predrilled mounting holes and hello to...
$567.00 $739.00
Perfect Size For RV Power The 170-Watt Deluxe kit is perfect for maintaining the charge of most single or dual 12v battery banks. Expand this system up to 510-watts with the Zamp Expansion Kits. All-In-One The 170-Watt Deluxe kit is perfect for maintaining the charge of most single or dual...
$487.00 $553.00
Flexible Solar For All Conditions A complete solar kit with the ability to flex to your needs. This solar charger system has high efficiency SunPower solar cells, converting more light in to electricity.  Details Weight 4.65 lbs Dimensions 41.5x 21.5“ x 0.5” Output 100-Watt Amperage 5.62 amps Warranty 25-Year Charge Controller 30 Amp All-In-One The 100-Watt...
$430.00 $537.00
Portable Panel Power The 115-Watt solar panel is perfect for smaller trailers, over the cab truck campers but is versatile enough to work in all applications. This small solar kit maintains the charge of most single 12 volt battery systems. This kit can expand up to 510-Watts and is a...
$2,913.00 $3,499.00
Off-Grid Panel Power The 680-watt deluxe kit is perfect for larger RV’s, Off Grid Cabins and Tiny Homes that run of 12-volt battery power. This kit can expand up to 1,020-watts to accommodate the larger off grid/boondocking needs.   High Quality All US manufactured panels utilize top-of-the-line Grade A monocrystalline...
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$291.00 $379.00
Super Small Solar. The 45W Zamp portable panel is our smallest all in one ready to go solar panel. Just take it out of its carrying case, attach it to your battery, and let the charge controller take care of the rest. (On backorder until mid-November) All-In-One The smallest portable...
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$516.00 $665.00
Portable Panel Power This small universal portable solar kit will generate 90-Watt at 4.6 amps and includes the integrated 5 Stage 10 Amp waterproof solar charge controller to keep your 12v system protected. Use the large digital display to monitor volts, and amps in real time as well as amps...
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Solar On The Go This Zamp Solar panel comes with the charge controller already installed along with the alligator clips making it easy to set right on to the battery. This all-in-one portable panel kit will allow you to take your panel with you easily with its ability to fold...
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