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Description The GoSun Go is the most portable model in the GoSun lineup. Using onlythe sun, the GoSun Go can bake, roast, or steam a meal as well as boilliquids, reaching temperatures as high as 550°F/ 288°C. The package includes: A durable evacuated glass tube oven, twoparabolic reflectors, EVA frame,...
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Description Our fastest solar oven in the GoSun lineup, the Sport can bake, roast or steam a meal for two people in minutes, reaching up to 550°F (290°C). The Sport’s compound parabolic reflectors and tubular design con- verts nearly 80% of all sunlight entering it’s reflectors into usable heat. The...
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Description With the ability to cook a meal in 20 minutes, reaching temperaturesover 550°F / 290°C, and finish a meal under cloudy skies, the GoSunSport is the next evolution in fuel free cooking.The GoSun Sport ProPack contains a GoSun Sport, a Padded CarryingCase, two Cooking Trays, a rugged scrubby cleaning...
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$609.00 $699.00
Description A complete redesign of the modern Grill, the GoSun Grill is a partypleaser, roasting healthy meals for eight in as little as an hour using onlythe Sun. Cooking more than just meat, the Grill roasts juicy vegetables,bakes delicious breads, and stews hearty soups, making it the perfectcompliment to your...
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