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About Us

Starting in 2008, Prometheus Solar found through installing several conventional solar systems, that solar was unapproachable for most people, costing upwards of $20,000 and taking several months to install. After years of tinkering, Plug & Play Solar Kits was started in 2012 with the simple goal of making solar as easy and affordable as possible. We took this desire and created our first plug & play units, units that can be producing power within minutes from delivery. Over the years we have refined the process now offer the best available plug in ready unit on the market.

We have since taken the Plug & Play Solar Kits further and increased our inventory to other products that embody our easy to use solar principles.

Every product we sell, we stand behind with years of knowledge and experience. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will find the perfect solution for your energy needs! 

Some of us are even NABCEP certified, meaning that we are more than equipped to answer your technical and design issues with ease.