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Plug In Solar - How It Works

How Plug & Play Solar Works

The Plug & Play Grid-tied Kit is similar to any other appliance that plugs into a standard 120Vac outlet.

The only difference is that the unit produces power instead of consuming it. When plugged in, a single unit will produce up to 216 Watts for anything currently using power within your house.

For example, if the house is consuming 1,000 Watts of power, the Grid-Tied will provide up to 216 Watts, reducing the electricity required from the utility company to only 784 Watts. The Grid-Tied system therefore slows your meter and reduces your electricity bill.

Net Metering

In some conditions, it may be possible for the unit to provide enough power to stop your meter or even spin your meter backward. In this case, you can consult your local utility about  receiving credits on the power you have produced. This is often called “net-metering”.  In order to “net-meter”, you may need to have your utility’s approval prior to connecting your Plug-n-Play unit.


The Plug-n-Play Grid-Tied unit is perfectly safe when unplugged from the dedicated outlet.  The unit is designed to immediately shut down when unplugged.

How much energy will it produce?

The Plug-n-Play GT unit, when installed in an ideal shade-free area, will produce an average of 1.2 kWh’s a day, or 438 kWh’s per year.  This is enough energy to offset a large capacity refrigerator or a 100-Watt light bulb left on 12 hours per day.

Good to Knows

Up to six Plug-n-Play GT units can be connected together on one 15A or 20A dedicated outdoor outlet.  Consult Plug and Play Solar Kits technical support if you want to use more than six units.

All electrical components contained within the Plug-n-Play unit are UL listed.  The unit as a whole is not UL listed.

We suggest you consult your local permitting authority and electrical utility to determine rules and regulations concerning your Plug and Play Grid-tied unit.

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