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240V Easy Plug 1.1kW Roof Mount Kit

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Fast & Smart Way To Go Solar

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These Panels are a fast and easy way to step into solar enabling you to build the system yourself with a little help from a trained electrician. Rather than dealing with installing a large and costly array, these panels can grow with your electrical and budget needs 1kW at  time. The system is extremely easy to move with you should you ever end up in a new house.


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What You Need To Do Before And After Ordering

  1. Find a space to put your new system facing as south as possible on your roof
  2. Contact an electrician in your area and have them look through the manual
  3. Optional if required - Contact your electrical provider and request a solar interconnection agreement
  4. Optional if required - Contact your city or county and request a solar installation application
  5. Optional if required - Submit applications to both your city or county and your utility attaching the provided information from our provided installation manual
  6. Once your electrician understands and you have gained approval, order our kit
  7. Have your electrician install required disconnects, meter boxes, 240V outlet, and a 20Amp 2 pole circuit breaker
  8. Once the kit arrives take the 2 hours to build up your new panels
  9. Plug it in!

We understand this is a few steps but we are happy to answer any of your questions and help you in any way we can! Contact us here.

From Panel To Power

The unit works by taking solar power produced by the panels and converts it over to power that is the same as what your utility provides you. The DC power from the panel is converted to AC power by means of a preinstalled microinverter.  This microinverter then outputs 240V AC power which most homes have running into them. The power is now ready to feed back into your panel, subsidizing the power being used by all of your household electronics.


Each 1kW unit produces approximately 4 kWh per day in most areas of the southwest, but this depends on the location and amount of shading.   This amount of electricity is enough to offset the usage of 4 basic energy star refrigerators or power 80 LED lights for 12 hours each and every day.

Growing Your System

Upon delivery it will take about two hours to have it ready to make the final wiring connection and begin producing power. As your energy needs grow or if you can afford more solar, up to 4 of the systems can be daisy chained together for a total production of 4.4kW. Just order a new kit and plug it into your existing panels.

Each Unit Includes:
  • 4 - 265 Watt solar panels
  • 4 - 250 Watt NEP microinverters
  • 4 - Sets of extruded aluminum roof mounts
  • All the hardware and wiring to attach your panels to their legs and each other