Already Have a Panel? Bring Your Own Panel [BYOP]

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Plug in Ready

Plug this unit straight into your wall to produce power in minutes! Just plug this BYOP into your solar panel, point in towards the sun, and connect it to you wall outlet.

Already have a 60-cell solar panel you want to use?  

The BYOP10 kit connects to most 200-280 Watt, 60-cell panels that are available today.  This allows you to source your panel locally and quickly connect our BYOP10 kit to have you reducing your electricity bill in minutes! This kit does not contain a solar panel or a mounting system.

Kit includes:

  • 220 Watt Northern Electric Power BDM250 microinverter
  • Pre-wired – the Lead Unit comes with a 25' cable, making it easy to place your panel anywhere
  • Ground wire pre-installed (lead Unit)
  • Wireless energy production monitor (lead unit)
  • Aluminum cross bar to attach to the existing frame of the module

The BYOP10 kit is completely pre-assembled and connects in minutes!

90% of solar panels these days come in a common configuration and size range. We made this kit to work with these common panels that meet the following requirements:

  • 60-Cell module
  • Has an aluminum frame with mounting holes for installation
  • Roughly 65” x 39” in size

Find a great deal on a solar panel and we can have you utilizing that power in minutes!

Add On Units

Up to five add on units can be added to the lead unit for a total of six.

The add on units connect to the lead unit via the manufacturers installed male and female cord connects. If you need a distance greater than the the supplied 3' we sell a 15' jumper allowing uneven configurations. The add-on units also come with a length of grounding cable allowing you to connect the ground to the lead unit.

Add-on units can be used without the lead unit, but require a plug attachment which is sold separately. We don't recommend using add on units without a lead for energy monitoring and grounding purposes.

BYOP10 Features Comparison

Compared to our other BYOP20 unit, the BYOP10 comes with an NEP microinverter and has a peak output of 220 watts. The BYOP10 also has an external ground making for a lengthier installation.

Eligible for 30% federal tax credit

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