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Plug in Ready

Plug this panel right into your wall outlet to start producing power within minutes!

Fastest & Smartest Way To Solar

These Panels are the fastest way to step into solar. They ship with everything you need to start producing power and take only 30 minutes to set-up. Rather than dealing with installing a large and costly array, these panels can grow with your electrical and budget needs. They are extremely easy to move with you should you ever end up in a new house or apartment.

From Panel To Power

The unit works by taking solar power produced by the panel and converts it over to power that is the same as what any of your home electronics and appliances use. Upon delivery, all you have to do is unbox it, place it facing the sun, and plug it into a wall outlet. The DC power from the panel is converted to AC power by means of a preinstalled microinverter.  This microinverter then outputs 240V AC power which most homes have running into them. To get this power down to what your electronics and your home outlets use, the 240V power is reduced to 120V through use of a transformer. The power is now ready to feed back into your panel, subsidizing the power being used by all of your household electronics.


Each unit produces approximately 1 kWh per day in most areas of the southwest, but this depends on the location and amount of shading.   This amount of electricity is enough to offset the usage of a basic energy star refrigerator or 10 LED lights left on 24hrs a day.

Ground Mount - New Aluminum Mounting Legs!

The ground mounted unit comes with four easy to attach aluminum legs that take 15 minutes to attach. The legs then need to be secured with either cinder blocks, sandbags, or ground screws to reduce the effect of wind and other elements.

When the unit arrives you'll need two 7/16" wrenches to finish the assembly.

Lead Unit

The Lead Unit includes a built in energy monitor, allowing wireless monitoring of your system from anywhere in your house. The wireless production monitor measures real-time power production and provides daily, weekly, and monthly energy production history.  It also keeps track of cost savings and CO2 offset.

The Lead Unit also comes with a 25' cord making it easy to reach your outdoor outlet from the ground or roof. Up to five add on units can be attached to the lead unit on the same wall outlet/circuit breaker. These units easily plug into the Lead Unit like Christmas lights and the lead unit’s monitor measures the combined output.

The Lead Unit Includes:
  • 265 Watt solar panel
  • 250 Watt Northern Electric Power BDM250 microinverter
  • Aluminum ground mounting legs
  • Aluminum Cross bar that for hardware attachment
  • Wireless energy production monitor
  • Pre-wired – includes a 25′ power cord for plugging into a standard 120Vac outlet.
  • All equipment is UL listed
  • Everything you need to go solar in minutes!

Add-On Unit

The Add-On Unit is like the Lead Unit except it doesn't have a built in energy monitor. To attach your add-on unit to your lead unit all you have to do it plug the male cable from the Add-On into the Female Cable of the Lead. The cable is long enough to place panels next to each other in a south facing line. If you need more room between panels or you want to go around an obstacle, we sell 15ft lengths of cable allowing for different arrangements.

The Add On Unit Includes:
  • 265 Watt solar panel
  • 250 Watt Northern Electric Power microinverter
  • Aluminum ground mounting frame
  • Aluminum Cross bar that for hardware attachment
  • Grounding wire to ground from panel to panel
  • All equipment is UL listed
  • Everything you need to go solar in minutes!

Want to know more about how these units work and why they're the best on the market? Read the FAQ.

Premium Product

We have been installing solar for the past decade, and know what equipment will stand the test of time. We have chosen to partner with brands that we know will hold up in all weather conditions and keep your Easy Plug unit producing power for years to come.


Each unit when assembled is roughly 60" x 65".

Check out the video to see how easy it is to set up!

Please read more info HERE about the safety and installation concerns with the Plug and Play system.

Ground Mount Manual

Warranty and Return Information

Eligible for 30% federal tax credit

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