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With the ability to cook a meal in 20 minutes, reaching temperatures
over 550°F / 290°C, and finish a meal under cloudy skies, the GoSun
Sport is the next evolution in fuel free cooking.
The GoSun Sport ProPack contains a GoSun Sport, a Padded Carrying
Case, two Cooking Trays, a rugged scrubby cleaning tool that attaches
onto the tray’s end, a GoSun Brew, 10 silicone baking pans, a User
Manual, and a Cook Booklet.


Boils Liquids: With the addition of the GoSun Brew, the Sport now has
the ability to boil up to 14 ounces of liquid.
Easy to Clean: The silicone baking pans are ideal for easy clean up.
Fast: Cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes, reaching temperatures
above 550°F/ 290°C.
Cooks When Cloudy: You don't have to see the Sun to solar cook! The
GoSun is so eective almost no day is o limits!
Portable: Deploys in seconds and collapses into a durable package.
GoSun anywhere!
Fuel-Free: No mess. No flames. No cost. Always prepared for delicious!
Versatile: Steam, bake, fry, roast and boil, anything is possible inside
the tube.
Two Year Warranty: The tubes are durable, made of borosilicate glass
(like Pyrex®). If it breaks, we’ve got you covered.


Dry Weight: 11 lbs (4.9kg)
Cooking Capacity: Tray: 53oz (1.6L) Brew: 14oz (.41L)
Unit Size: (Open) Length: 24” (61cm), Height: 16” (41cm), Width: 12”
(30cm) (Closed) Length: 24” (61cm), Height: 8” (20cm), Width: 5” (13cm)
Estimated Power Output: 200 Watts in full sunlight
Maximum Temperature: 550°F (371°C)
Working Temperature: 200°F (93°C) – 550°F (288°)