Humless .64kWh Go Mini Power Pack

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The 1500 Series is designed to be moved. These power systems are
built with a sturdy metal shell and lightweight advanced lithium batteries. The .64kWh unit has an easy carry strap.

Easy to Use

These portable systems are designed to
be simple to use. Charging the system
is as easy as plugging in your phone.
Charge the system with any standard
home 120V outlet or set up your
Humless foldable solar panels to
produce renewable energy anywhere.

Advanced Lithium

These Humless lithium batteries are a
cut above the rest. A traditional
lead-acid battery is heavy and will
only get about 400 charges. These
advanced lithium batteries are good
for 2,500+ charges, are 1/3 of the
weight and are much more efficient.



0.64 kWhs

Cycle Life

2,500+ (daily use), ~6.8 Years of Daily Use


8.85in x 8.85in x 14in


34.5 lbs


120V AC Charging • 12V~50V DC Charging


1.5 kW • 120V AC • 12V DC • 4 USB


1 Year, 4 Year Optional


Does not include panels. View available panels here.

Humless Go Mini User Manual

Humless Go Mini Data Sheet

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