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Humless .64kWh Go Mini Power Pack With Solar Panels Kit

by Humless
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Grab and Go Power

The Humless 0.64kWh power pack is the answer for anyone looking for a light and powerful take anywhere power plant.

Easy to Use

These portable systems are designed to be simple to use. Charging the system is as easy as plugging in your phone. Charge the system with any standard home 120V outlet or set up your Humless foldable solar panels to produce renewable energy anywhere.

Advanced Lithium

These Humless lithium batteries are a cut above the rest. A traditional lead-acid battery is heavy and will only get about 400 charges. These advanced lithium batteries are good for 2,500+ charges, are 1/3 of the weight and are much more efficient.


The 1500 Series is designed to be moved. These power systems are built with a sturdy metal shell and lightweight advanced lithium batteries. The .64kWh unit has an easy carry strap.

What P&P Likes

The .64kWh is super easy to use and can provide power in a ton of different applications. So far we have used it for hunting, charging power tools, camping, and charging cameras and laptops. We have powered an entire RV by connecting the unit to the RV's shore power. We even used it during a power outage at our office and were able to run the entire network for the 2.5hrs that power was down. It's a swiss army knife when it comes to powering stuff!

What Can It Power?

LED Lights Ten 8W lights for 8 hours

Cellphones 50+ charges

Tablets 20+ charges

Laptops 10+ charges

Full size Energy Star refrigerator 4+ hours


Storage 0.64 kWhs

Cycle Life 2,500+ (daily use), ~6.8 Years of Daily Use

Size 8.85in x 8.85in x 14in

Weight 35.4 pounds

Inputs for charging Power Pack 120V AC • 12V~50V DC

Outputs for charging your devices 1.5 kW • 120V AC • 12V DC • 4 USB

Warranty 1 Year, 4 Year Optional


What's Included

Foldable 130 Watt Solar Panels 2

Humless 0.64 kW (640 Watt) Solar Generator 1

High-Quality 21′ MC4 to AP Cable 1

Year Warranty 1

Need Solar Panels?

The 0.64kWh Humless bundle comes with two 130W Humless foldable panels


      Humless Go Mini User Manual

      Humless Go Mini Data Sheet

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